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  • What is Holistic Dentistry? It’s providing dental care for the most part in a natural way using biocompatible materials. Holistic dentistry, every so often called energy dentistry, sees your teeth not as an isolated organ of your body but in a global perspective. For a long time, biocompatibility was not a concern.
    Over time, we realized that people where sensitive to metals and mercury fillings. Those materials were used when technology had nothing better to offer; now a variety of biocompatible products are available.

Our team goals and objectives

- Avoid the use of mercury - Keep all vital teeth
- Use biocompatible products
- Avoid unnecessary surgeries
- Adjust the occlusion in order to create good posture and generate a position favorable to the neck
- Take digital radiography (90% less radiation)
- Prepare and give a treatment plan in accordance with the client’s financial situation
- Creating a relaxing atmosphere
- Provide an effective and gentle service

We are very pleased that you have chosen Dr. Morin’s clinic. Feel free to share your satisfaction and experience with people around you. If you have any suggestions or a disappointing experience please let us know, it’s very important for us to provide the best care possible.

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