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The Clinic We are pleased to welcome you to the dental clinic of Doctor Ronald Morin in Aylmer, Gatineau. Our web site will allow you to learn about us and see how you can enhance your smile. We can offer information about hygiene, oral health, cosmetic dentistry, new technologies and much more.
See description of treatment rooms and on site dental laboratory.

Treatment Rooms

Our Clinic provides an important first-class level of hygiene and sterilization. All equipment are subjected to the highest standards of aseptic methods and tested everyday to ensure their efficiency, we use sterilization technique similar to what is found in hospitals.

On site full service dental laboratory

Our full-service onsite dental laboratory helps us to provide the highest levels of cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and aesthetic restorative dentistry. Most dental practices do not have a complete laboratory. Our technicians stay updated with the latest in dental materials, crown and bridge products and techniques to offer you the best results possible.
Doctor and technician work side by side at each step of every restoration, which is critical to our dental health care team approach and the highly personalized patient care that is at the heart of our treatment philosophy.
The technicians are able to offer their input and expertise chair-side as “smile design” decisions, such as color matching, tooth shapes and tooth positions.
The doctor is able to oversee the design, choice of materials and fabrication at every step of every restoration made in our lab, helping to assure the creation of exactly what was envisioned.
Most dental practices frequently send the final restorations back to the off-site lab for minor adjustments, which requires additional patient visits. At our clinic finishing touches can be applied to the final restoration while the patient waits. And in an emergency, our onsite lab is right there to perform repairs of broken restorations, such as dentures, bridges and crowns.

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